Summer Squash Bounty


  • Summer Squash Blossoms
  • CHELO Cilantro & Lime Cashew Creme
  • Egg
  • Gluten Free Flour
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Sea Salt
  • Chilli Powder
  • Cilantro


  1. Squash blossoms from the farmers market
  2. Delicately Rinse and snip out the pollen
  3. Spoon or pipe cilantro and lime chelo cashew cream cheese into the center
  4. Dip blossoms into egg wash and dredge in your preferred gluten free flour
  5. Fry on stove top in preferred oil
  6. Garnish finished blossoms with sea salt, chili powder, cilantro
Submited by Nicole Orsua



Holiday Party Plate


Looking for a quick and easy party plate for the holidays?

Step 1: Stop by the Ballard Farmers Market on Sunday.

Step 2: Grab an Olive and Herb Fougasse from Tall Grass Bakery.

Step 3: Grab a Cultured Cashew Creme from CHELO Cultured Cashew Crème (I used the Garlic Herb).

Step 4: Slice the bread and serve the stuff!

Submited by Sage on the Mountain




Classic Creme Pasta with Shrimp

Thanks to Hailey Jones for submitting her Shrimp Pasta with CHELO CLASSIC CASHEW CREME recipe and photos. For her efforts Hailey received a FREE container of CHELO CASHEW CREME.

Recipe to coming soon.

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